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We have been making customized furniture for 14 years and working hard to serve thousands of users. Comfortable living brand, and strive to understand the post-80s generation better

the post-80s generation is a group that continues to enter the mainstream of society after the 60s and 70s. Like people in other ages, the post-80s generation also has distinctive characteristics of the times. As a veteran enterprise in the customized furniture industry, it has 14 years of brand history and has accumulated rich experience in customized furniture research and development. The brand of comfortable living has a young post-80s R & D, manufacturing and marketing team. The young and dynamic customized furniture of comfortable living brand understands post-80s users better

The post-80s generation is a generation willing to accept new things. Out of the era of profound changes in Chinese society, the old social system and pattern have been constantly changed and innovated in the wave of reform. From growth to study, from graduation to employment, from life to marriage, each process is a microcosm of the continuous changes in Chinese society. Because of continuous changes, the post-80s generation is far more capable of accepting new things and has a more inclusive attitude than the post-60s and Post-70s predecessors. Customized furniture, as a new furniture category rising at the beginning of this century, is suitable for living. Personalized customized furniture layout, which is filled into the space, makes the traditional and boring furniture revitalize, and brightens the eyes of the post-80s generation who like new things

The post-80s generation is more homesick. The family of the post-80s generation is the generation with the most stable family structure in Chinese society. The vast majority of the post-80s generation fully enjoy the care of family members, which also makes the post-80s generation more attached to their families. The stable family structure of their parents has become their example. When they get married, the post-80s generation is also more loyal to their families. As a family loving group, the post-80s generation more respects the feelings of family members. The customized furniture of comfortable living listens attentively to the voice of every post-80s customer, meets the needs of every post-80s customer's family members, and enables the customized furniture in each space to be loved by family members

The post-80s generation is a more rational generation. The vast majority of post-80s people have received complete and good orthodox education. However, because the post-80s generation is in the midst of great social changes, changes always make the post-80s generation feel the pressure of life. Most of them have no parents worth competing with, no national policies to live in the right world, no iron rice bowl with no worries about food and clothing... Some are just hard-working, some are just self striving. Therefore, the post-80s' attitude towards money and life is undoubtedly the most stable and rational. For customized furniture, the post-80s pay more attention to the quality and service behind the brand. The brand of comfortable living has worked hard to customize furniture for 14 years. Each customized furniture product of comfortable living is a home boutique carefully created and carved by comfortable living people. Everyone who lives in comfort is willing to serve every noble post-80s user with heart

the post-80s generation is a generation where nostalgia and fashion contradict each other. The post-80s generation is used to the continuous change of society, because yesterday's things often become today's memories. The post-80s embrace and accept new things. They keep pace with the times and live in a fashionable pace, but there are too many feelings in their bones that they once remembered. They roam in the fast urban rhythm, but hum nostalgic tunes in their mouths. They love fast fashion and enjoy new trends, but they prefer to miss the warmth and nature of the past. They miss the joy of childhood, the heart when they were young, and the years that have been deeply remembered and now have passed. With its unique customized furniture products, the home of the post-80s generation is set in a happy time. With high-quality comfortable living customized household products, the post-80s generation has entered different stages of life

comfortable living brand, carefully manufacturing customized furniture for 14 years, and striving to serve thousands of users. Comfortable living brand, and strive to understand the post-80s generation better





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