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Nowadays, there are more and more styles of sliding doors, including glass, plate It adds many choices for consumers in home decoration, but at the same time, it also makes consumers dazzling

nowadays, there are more and more styles of sliding doors, including glass, plate It adds many choices for consumers in home decoration, but at the same time, it also makes consumers dazzling. When shopping for sliding doors, big guys should keep their eyes open, because inferior sliding doors are not used, and it is easy to fail to push them after using them for a period of time. So how can we distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of sliding door

household sliding doors are generally used for two purposes. One is the partition door, that is, the partition of balcony, bathroom, kitchen and other living space; The other is the cabinet door, which is mostly used to customize the wardrobe. Sliding door has three main parts: frame, pulley and track. The biggest highlight of sliding door is sliding, so the quality of hardware accessories of sliding door directly affects the service life and comfort of sliding door. The hardware of sliding door mainly includes pulley, pulley track and stop accessories. High quality mobile door hardware is mainly reflected in the design and manufacturing level of its pulley system, as well as the supporting track design

move 1: look at the slide rail

the slide rail is divided into ground rail and lifting rail, which can be selected according to the installation situation and sliding door material. It is recommended to use the ground rail, because the relative service life is longer. The slide rail is the core technical part of the sliding door, which needs to withstand repeated friction. Therefore, products with high strength, wear resistance, low noise and other characteristics should be selected. Generally, aluminum magnesium titanium silicon alloy is the best material

move 2: look at the board

blockboard, density board and moisture-proof particleboard are commonly used in cabinet boards. Among them, the most cost-effective is moisture-proof particleboard, which has the advantages of light weight, high strength, strong nail holding force and so on. It is generally an ideal cabinet board. At the same time, the quality and environmental protection grade of the board should also be considered. The sliding door of meinimei customized furniture adopts E0 grade board with the highest environmental protection grade, which has the best effect

move 3: look at glue, edge banding strip and veneer

edge banding strip mainly plays the role of sealing and decorating the section of the plate, so that the plate is protected from adverse factors such as the environment in the process of use. Because ordinary glue contains formaldehyde, the environmental protection of these auxiliary materials is very important. The sliding door of meinimei adopts ABS edge banding, and 360 ° three-dimensional edge banding is formed at one time. It is flexible, moisture-proof and wear-resistant, not easy to deform and fade, and can effectively reduce formaldehyde release

move 4: look at the slide rail

the pulley is the power source to support the normal operation of the sliding door. Pay attention to the selection of high-quality bearing pulley. The best pulley is made of high carbon nylon and glass fiber material. This kind of pulley has the characteristics of high strength, wear resistance, low noise and can withstand more than 100000 push-pull

move 5: damper

check whether the sliding door is equipped with a damper. Adding a damper on the sliding door can effectively buffer the vibration and impact of the sliding door, reduce noise, prolong the service life of the sliding door and improve the comfort of use

move 6: look at the adhesive strip

the main materials of the adhesive strip in the market are PVC rubber, silica gel, etc. Among them, the silicone strip has better toughness, ensuring the flexible connection between the sliding door plate and the profile

move 7: look at the weight

a good sliding door is pushed and pulled smoothly, without noise and impurities, calm but light. Therefore, to make the sliding door satisfactory, it is very important that the door is heavier and better. Therefore, it is better to choose 10mm or 12mm thick board for sliding door, so that it is stable and durable; If the thickness is less than 8mm, it will appear thin and light; Door panels with a thickness of less than 6mm are easily deformed and difficult to meet the requirements of normal use

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