How to decorate the corridor of the living room

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Decorating the newly bought house has become an indispensable "lesson" for home buyers. Then; How to decorate the aisle of the room? Industry experts put forward the following suggestions:

first, aisle side wall. On a slightly larger wall, a wide tea mirror glass is installed. The mirror is surrounded by a silver aluminum alloy frame, and bonsai or flowers are placed in the lower corner to set off. If the tea mirror can reflect the outdoor trees and other scenery, it will have a good effect of borrowing the wall to introduce space for the mirror, and the inside and outside will reflect each other. If your aisle is wide, you can install a glass cabinet with multi-layer shelves on one side of the wall, put some souvenirs and other things inside, and post several metal paintings with appropriate dimensions. It can add a civilized and elegant atmosphere

second, the corridor ceiling. When decorating the ceiling of the aisle, its brightness should be considered. For this reason, it is appropriate to use more light tone wallpaper or paint

III. aisle floor. The decoration of the aisle floor should focus on the characteristics of wear resistance and frequent cleaning, and lay more red tiles or large marble. If there are old people and children at home, they should also pay attention to anti-skid. If possible, it's not impossible to use carpets. It can be seen from the above that there is a lot of knowledge in decorating the bedroom aisle, and the key is to adapt to people and places




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