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Spend less and do more &mdash& mdash; This is the dream of most owners when decorating their homes. As a result, all kinds of wonderful ideas to save money bubble one after another. There is nothing wrong with trying to save money, but can these so-called money saving tricks really save money? Will money be saved but bring other problems

first, there is no brick behind the cabinet

money saving assumption: the wall behind the cabinet is blocked by floor cabinets and hanging cabinets, which are completely invisible. Using good tiles is also a waste, either do not use tiles, or buy cheap tiles instead

experts remind: if the wall tiles laid in the kitchen are not expensive, it is not necessary to do so. The tiles laid behind the cabinet are generally twoorthree square meters. Even if there are no tiles, it needs to be troweled with cement mortar to keep the surface at the same level with other tiles. According to Jin HanKun, if the price of ceramic tiles he buys is 70-80 yuan per square meter, he can save 20-30 yuan per square meter, and there is a hidden danger &mdash& mdash; If the ceramic tile surface and the cement mortar surface are not on the same level, and there is a seam in the middle, cockroaches are easy to fall in because of inadequate technology. However, if the price of ceramic tiles used in the kitchen is very high, more than four or five hundred yuan per square meter, it is still worth doing so

second, the kitchen does not do waterproof

save money assumption: there are few water points in the kitchen, and it is generally difficult to burst the pipe, so it is OK not to do waterproof

experts remind: there are few water outlets in the kitchen. Generally, the water in the kitchen basically comes from the vegetable washing basin, and the water is directly from the water pipe under the vegetable washing basin to the sewer. Even if it is blocked or leaked, a small amount of water will not soak the ground and penetrate downstairs. Therefore, it is not a big problem if the waterproof of the kitchen is not done

III. don't lay the floor under the bed

save money assumption: the bed in the bedroom takes up a full fourorfive square meters, but the ground below never sees the sun. It's definitely a waste to lay the floor below. If you don't lay it, it seems that you can't see or touch it at ordinary times, so it shouldn't matter

experts remind: Jin HanKun, deputy manager of the Decoration Engineering Department of Le house, said that if the floor is not paved under the bed, there will be mouth opening due to the height difference, which is easy to drop ash and enter moisture. And in this way, the bed cannot be moved or misplaced. If the price of the floor in the bedroom is not very expensive, it is recommended not to save this money




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