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From March 16 to 22, 2019, Changhong Meiling company organized employees who won the 2018 advanced individual to travel outside Japan

you may envy:

other people's companies with high salaries

the company welfare of others is good

luxury travel in other people's companies

and we,

are the legendary companies of others

in order to encourage Changhong Meiling's 2018 advanced individuals, broaden employees' horizons and strengthen the construction of corporate culture, the company organized employees who won the 2018 advanced individuals to travel outside Japan from March 16 to 22, 2019. The company is the home of employees, and excellent employees are the mainstay of this home, which is an upward force. Changhong Meiling has always advocated the talent concept of people-oriented, so that employees can find a sense of belonging in the company. The 2018 advanced individual Japan tour has now returned successfully. I believe our employees will work harder and create more brilliance in the next work

put down the work at hand for the time being

feel the blue sky and white clouds with your heart

Japan in March is in the cherry blossom season

the spring is just right,

the flowers are blooming,

a slap at hand is a beautiful painting

indulge in the beautiful scenery and scenery on the road

broaden your horizons and more pleasant your soul

walk in a foreign country,

feel different cultures,

feel a happy life

beautiful scenery,

more beautiful mood,

everyone is a beautiful scenery

emotions are always revealed inadvertently

be yourself from the moment you set out

the biggest gain in the journey is that at a certain moment,

suddenly recognize yourself at a certain stage

left footprints in strange cities,

left the mood of that stage

although the short trip ended

everyone is grateful

to welcome a new tomorrow

sunhongying, Vice Minister of financial management department

a happy trip, a beautiful encounter, a precious friendship, thank the company for giving us this profound and meaningful experience, so that we can work harder with a better attitude! Co creation and sharing, win-win cooperation

tangshenjie, director of the Standardization Institute of the science and technology management department

the advanced employee tour organized by the company made us feel different exotic customs, understand the history, culture and living atmosphere of Japan, ease the physical and mental stress of employees from their work, improve their personal sense of honor, and truly feel that their efforts have been recognized by the company

during this trip, I made new acquaintance with many colleagues, and raised the friendship of colleagues to the friendship of friends, including air conditioners, marketing companies, washing machines, production, finance, personnel, etc. we left contact information for each other, improved the cohesion between the company's employees, and increased the business development channels of employees, such as chatting and heart to heart talk during tourism, More effectively understand the needs and pain points related to your business

through this trip, I am more aware of the importance of my hard work, and also deeply aware of some of my shortcomings. In the future, I will have a heart that is easy to move, turn moving into motivation, and urge myself to always maintain passion to create value for the company, so as to get equal returns

Zhou Qiang, general manager of Nanchong product management center of air conditioning (China) marketing company of Sichuan Changhong Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.

good time always passes quickly. I am honored to participate in the 2018 star employee's trip to Japan, and I have gained a lot. Let me briefly talk about some of my feelings:

before going out, I hesitated to participate. After all, the sales pace in the first quarter was quite tense, but considering the recent busy work and stressful state, I feel it necessary to take a relaxing trip for myself. Before departure, the company arranged special personnel to organize passport handling, visa and other matters, and made unified arrangements for the pre departure gathering, which was done in a very meticulous and thoughtful manner, without any accident or negligence throughout the whole process

during this trip to Japan, the weather was awesome, and the scenery was worth taking photos. There were shopping experiences such as drugstore and duty-free shop, the fun of playing games and drinking wine in the tavern, and a rare opportunity for free communication inside and outside the work. During the period, there were no leaders, only teammates, and everything you wanted to say. Although everyone could not help arranging work by wechat, voice and even phone every morning and evening, the overall body and mind were still well relaxed, The communication between teammates enhances the understanding and recognition of each other's work positions. During the conversation, I can feel everyone's specialty in their respective fields, and I can also feel the excellence of my teammates, which is worth learning and saluting

after this trip to Japan, I was lucky to meet so many excellent teammates. It was not only a rare opportunity, but also a special good memory. We added wechat to each other, and from then on, we encouraged each other, and a group of confidants were added to our circle of friends

thank the company for providing such a good opportunity. In my future work, I should insist on demanding myself with advanced benchmarks, be awed and grateful, and repay the company with data performance

song Tingting, quality inspector of the quality department

from the prudence and strangeness at the beginning of departure to the reluctance to leave when returning home, this journey not only made me know all leaders and teachers! From the exchange, we also know a lot of problems we ignore in our work and learn a lot! Also understand the difficulties of other departments! The only thing we can thank the company for is to constantly study and go all out in our own position to export the best products to the market

Su Mei, senior trainer of the marketing department

our trip to Japan leaves us with the best memories. 2019 let's work together with the expectation of "the best", be the best ourselves and achieve different memories

Liu Yang, recruitment specialist of the service support department, met and met your predecessors during the trip to Japan. As a newcomer, he was taken care of in a foreign country. He felt the confidence and strength passed by his predecessors. I believe that in the future, we will take over the flag of our predecessors and ride the wind and waves


in fact, Changhong Meiling has always hoped to enhance the enthusiasm and initiative of employees, relax their physical and mental health, increase their sense of belonging, stimulate the enthusiasm of employees, and more importantly, the company hopes to build a career platform for every employee, so that they can enjoy their charm on this stage, Share the joy brought by the company's business development to employees

organizing our "Star" employees to travel to Japan with pay is one of the specific actions to implement the "team activation" in the company's business policy, and it is also a specific embodiment of the company's reshaping corporate culture and practicing the core values of "dedication, responsibility, CO creation and sharing". The cause calls for talents, and talents promote development. The company released a new human resources strategic plan last year. The key to the human resources strategy is to promote and implement it. We will take the company's overall strategy as the guidance and talent development as the center, attract, make good use of, cultivate and activate talents, ensure the planned implementation and landing of the talent strategy, so that those who want to work have opportunities, those who can work have platforms, and those who succeed have positions

Yang Kun, general manager of the administrative personnel center

our journey is the sea of stars

our journey is a beautiful arrival

our expectation is the red sun in the sky

our guard is the dream to set sail

our heart is the original intention is stable

Meiling dream,

because of all Meiling people, it is wonderful

expect more Meiling people to achieve their dreams,

fly high with Meiling





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